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All too often, a parent’s knowledge about a child’s artwork created at school is the finished product hanging on the refrigerator. But there is so much more to learn about these incredible works of art: why was this particular piece created; how was it created; what materials were used?

Our fine arts students make many decisions throughout the process of creating art. They spend time learning about various techniques and...


By Carrie Sterrs, Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Programs and Facilitator of the Teacher of the Year Program

"Each student has a unique goal for their future, and it is a teacher’s job to guide those students to reach their goals," Karen Eure, the...


By Beverly Watson, Formative Assessment for Maryland Educators Facilitator at Pocomoke Elementary School

To ensure excellence in education, Pocomoke Elementary School embraces innovative opportunities to provide hands-on digital experiences for all students. Technology and tools are embedded within daily instruction, building student capacity to effectively communicate and efficiently function in society using 21st Century digital language. Digital proficiency is...


By Carrie Sterrs, Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Projects

In February, Candy Edwards-Roach, senior policy analyst in the Governor’s Office for Children, represented the Hogan administration and its ongoing support for oral health education in Maryland public schools.  Edwards-Roach visited first-grade students at Ocean City Elementary School to observe a dental health lesson. 

Following her classroom observation, Edwards-Roach addressed students as part of...