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Health & Benefits

Worcester County is in close proximity to two institutions of higher learning Salisbury State University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Graduate level education courses are offered at both institutions.

Worcester's schools are host sites for off-campus graduate courses through other colleges and universities. The Board of Education reimburses teachers for the cost of tuition for up to 12 credits per year.

Sabbatical Leave is available to pursue professional studies and advanced degrees.

Teachers regularly attend regional, state and national workshops and conferences to further develop their knowledge and expertise.

2016-2017 Employee Benefit Guides

Open Enrollment Information

Open enrollment is your opportunity to add, delete, or make changes to your health, dental, vision, flex-spending, AFLAC, or sick leave bank status. Open enrollment closes at the end of November of each school year, at the close of the business day on the specified deadline. Notifications about open enrollment and the deadline for any given school year will be communicated with employees via email.

Excellent Available Benefits 

  • Free Group Life Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance - The Board of Education contributes 80% of the premium.
  • Tenure - After two years of successful teaching, certified teachers earn tenure.
  • A dedicated school board.
  • Small class sizes - The average class size is 20 students in grades K through 2, and 23 to 25 students in grades 3 through 12.
  • Credit Union - The teachers in Worcester County have an organized credit union. This is a savings and loan organization. Savings deposits and loan payments are made through payroll deductions.
  • Direct Deposit - Direct banking services for both checking and savings are available.
  • 125 Plan for medical and dependent care expenses not covered by Health Insurance.
  • Tax-Deferred Annuity - The Board offers a menu of Tax-Deferred Annuity plans for employees.
  • Payroll Deductions are made for credit union, association dues, tax-deferred annuities, health insurance and retirement life insurance.
  • There is a high level of staff collegiality in the schools. Teachers work together on School Improvement Teams to help make school decisions.
  • Worcester Teacher of the Year Program - Each year the employees, students, and parents recognize the contributions of outstanding teachers. One teacher is selected to represent Worcester County Public Schools in the Maryland Teacher of the Year Program.
  • Retirement - All teachers are required to join the Maryland State Teacher's Pension System. There are no contributions up to the yearly Social Security wage base.
  • Benefits include a death benefit, disability and service retirement benefits.
  • Innovative programs and a reputation for excellence.
  • Strong and supportive administration and supervisory leadership is available in all schools.
  • Professional Liability Insurance is carried by the Board. This blanket liability insurance on all teachers covers suits involving discrimination, slander, libel and defamation of character.
  • Worker's Compensation covers all employees for accidents which occur on the job.
  • The schools are in excellent condition. All schools are air-conditioned and have modern technical equipment.
  • Sick Leave - Teachers receive 11 days of sick leave each year without loss of pay. Unused sick leave is accumulated from year to year. Teachers are also granted leave for personal/business days and bereavement.
  • An employee Sick Leave Bank has been established. Members may use the bank for prolonged personal illness.
  • Extended Leave of Absence is granted to tenured teachers for maternity, adoption or child, severe illness of family member, etc.
  • Extra-Duty Pay is granted to teachers who spend 50 hours in approved activities outside the school day teaching and supervising students.