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Families in Transition (Homeless)

All children have the right to a free, appropriate public education. The McKinney-Vento Homeless Act of 2001, (Public Law 107-110): "Homeless children and youths mean individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence." Homeless students have the right to enroll in school immediately. Parents can request continued enrollment in the school prior to becoming homeless or at the local school for the current residence. Each school has a contact person to assist with enrollment of homeless students. Worcester County Public Schools (WCPS) is committed to what is in the best interest of children who are in transition.

This may include:

  • Sharing housing with another person due to loss of housing or economic hardship
  • Living in motels, hotels, campgrounds, street, cars, abandoned buildings, or other public spaces
  • Living in emergency or transitional shelters
  • Fosters youth in emergency shelters and/or awaiting foster care placement
  • Unaccompanied youth
  • Children of migratory workers living in any of the circumstances described above

School Liaisons for Families in Transition

School Liaison(s)
Pocomoke Elementary School
Kathy Roberts, Registrar
Robyn Donoway, School Counselor
Pocomoke Middle School Dawn Payne, Registrar
Pocomoke High School Mary K. Corbin, Registrar
Snow Hill Elementary School LaVerne Cray, School Counselor
Snow Hill Middle School Stacey Palmer, Registrar
Snow Hill High School April Powell, Registrar
Cedar Chapel Special School Tracy Fairman, Registrar
Berlin Intermediate School Marlene Luckenbaugh, Registrar
Buckingham Elementary School DeShawn Purnell, School Counselor
Showell Elementary School Edward Reid, School Counselor
Ocean City Elementary School Linda McGean, School Counselor
Stephen Decatur Middle School
Stephanie Cress, School Counselor
Cheryl Townsend, School Counselor
Stephen Decatur High School Marquita Tindley, Registrar