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Graduation Requirements: Part III

To be awarded a Maryland High School Diploma, a student shall be enrolled in a Maryland public school system and have earned a minimum of 21 credits that include the requirement identified below.

Subject Area           Specific Credit Requirements for State Diploma

English                                          4 credits

Mathematics                                 3 credits
                                                         - 1 in algebra/data analysis
                                                         - 1 in geometry
                                                         - 1 in other

Science                                        3 credits
                                                        - 1 in biology
                                                        - 2 that must include laboratory experience in any or all of the following areas:
                                                          earth, life, environmental, and physical science
                                                        - Successfully complete a locally designed environmental literacy program

Other Requirements

Fine Arts                                      1 credit

Physical Ed                                 1/2 credit

Health                                         1/2 credit

Technology Ed                             1 credit

Other                                            2 credits of World Language or 2 credits of American Sign Language or
                                                     2 credits of advanced technology ed and
                                                     3 credits in electives


                                                     4 credits by successfully completing a State-approved career and technology
                                                        program and
                                                     1 credit in an elective

High School Assessments

Students in Grades 9 and 10 in 2014-2015 must take the Maryland High School Assessments (HSA) for Biology and Government. They will take the PARCC Assessment for Algebra and English 10. The student must achieve one of the following:

  1. The passing score on each test;
  2. A combined overall score of 1602;
  3. A specific score on an MSDE-approved comparable assessment(s); or
  4. eligible students may complete an Academic Validation Project Package (Bridge Plan).

Students who are in Grades 11 and12 in 2014-2015 will continue to take HSA exams. They may continue to use the combined score option of 1208 for all three HSAs (English II, Algebra, and Biology) in order to satisfy the graduation requirement or may opt for the 1602 option if their scores qualify. Students must also complete course credit requirements as identified above, as well as Service Learning requirements.