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Instructional Peer Mentor

"We realize the importance of implementing a comprehensive, high-quality induction program that ensures teachers new to the system get the support they need to access curriculum, assessment, and instructional tools to deliver effective instruction." - Shirleen Church, Coordinator of Staff Development

As part of Worcester County Public Schools' Teacher Induction Program, new teachers are paired with a veteran teacher from their school for their a full year. The instructional peer mentor usually teaches in the same subject or grade level as the new teacher.

New teachers will be joined by their instructional peer mentor during a four-day induction orientation, held the week prior to all teachers reporting to professional development prior to school starting. Principals select instructional peer mentors based on the following requirements:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of adult learning theory and peer coaching techniques
  • Has the reputation for excellence in teaching
  • Is knowledgeable about the grade level and subject area/curriculum assigned
  • Provides social and emotional support in building trust to accelerate teacher growth
  • Focuses support on teaching and learning
  • Has a clear picture of effective teaching and can talk about best practice and content

If you believe that you meet the selection criteria, ask your principal for consideration. Help ensure the success of our new teachers!